A safer, greener and more cost effective way to work

Rope Access is the most cost effective and safe means of deploying highly skilled technicians in not only hard to access areas but also in areas traditionally served by scaffolding, thus reducing project times from weeks to days.


About commercial rope access

Commercial Rope Access specialises in providing fully certified IRATA technicians on site for complete cleaning, maintenance, inspection, refurbishment and installation projects. We operate using independent Health & Safety inspectors ensuring all of our technicians consistently adhere to the current regulations and industry work practices.

Building owners and property developers are having to become more socially responsible and aware of the impact of maintaining their properties. Commercial Rope Access works in partnership with our clients to improve their carbon footprint by reducing their dependence on scaffolding and scaffolding towers.





At Commercial Rope Access we take safety very seriously. Rope access is one of the safest ways to carry out high access maintenance and repairs in the industry.

There are a lot of myths about rope access. While it may appear that rope access is dangerous, it's completely safe.

  • Technicians are attached to two different ropes. Each of those ropes is independently anchored to the building. What this means is, should one anchor come loose, they are still anchored in with a secondary one.
  • Rope technicians are not allowed to work independently , there are always a minimum of two technicians working at any one time.
  • All tools and loose equipment are tied to the technicians removing the risk of passersby being struck by falling objects.
  • A first aid trained member of the team is always on hand.
  • Statistics prove rope access is far safer than working on or around scaffolding.

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